Tending your #Goals

We’re looking forward to some fun and games at the 4th of July cookout this year.  We’ve synchronized our watches, or Fitbits, so we can keep an eye on our fitness goals and limit our cheating to a day or two at most.  Staying in shape is important to my family because we make a living selling a product that supports a healthy lifestyle.  We advocate for diet and portion control, my wife teaches cooking and shopping classes that focus on balanced meals.  We believe it’s important to introduce a variety of fruits and veggies to young people and teach them to choose food as if they are choosing life itself.   Many are learning to manage childhood obesity and find little support at home.   Our oldest son has designed an app that makes tracking swaps and limits as fun and engaging as a video game.  This year, we’re using it to launch our first prize give-away.  We’re calling it the Holiday Away Goal Tender.  Our hope is that our students and partners will not stray too far from their daily diets, and return right away to work out even if they do.

We made a few calculations and realized we could make our top prize a sleek new pair of sneakers from Finish Line.  We all love Finish Line because they stock the latest gear from top brand names like Adidas, Jordan, Nike, Under Armour, Asics and many more.  Plus, you can shop the site with a Groupon and save as much as 65% off Jordan’s, plus sign up for exclusive deals and get heads up on new releases so you can be the first on the block to rock ‘em.  There’s even a code for free shipping.  We love that we can go to work, then go work out, and shop the site from the locker room.  Before we know it, all our merch is waiting when we get home.

A new pair of sneakers might not seem like much of a prize to a big city boy, but in the county where I’m from, it would mean a lot.  Our obesity numbers are the worst in the state, and the whole community has invested in turning those numbers around. So using Groupon to help us reach our goal of launching the Holiday Away Goal Tender is really important.  The more we can save, the more we may save a life.


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