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Have you ever wanted to have a forum where you can share your life’s best moments with your friends? If so then would be the best place to do so. Being one of the latest and most popular social networking sites today, has become the  most happening place to share videos and upload photos and for interacting online. Youngsters really enjoy this amazing social networking site as they can share their videos, talk to friends and make new friends as well at this amazing website. Many celebs like Jesse McCartney are also apart of and you can view his videos easily if you visit his profile.

  • How To Use

All you have to do is go online and open the website. Then give in your personal details like name, age and gender and you can tell a little about yourself as well. After that, you have to upload your picture as the profile picture and you’re all set. After all this is done, you can start uploading your videos at the videos could be anything you want. Perhaps it could be a video of your pet or a tutorial or just a fun video of you and your friends. You can make these videos public as wel,l so that people can leave their comments about your and the videos you upload. You can also get subscribers.

  • Subscribe To Others

You can subscribe to anyone you like as well. Whiteboy7thst is a popular guy on and his videos are well appreciated by all. You can subscribe to him as well if you find anything that appeals to you. is the best place for all such interactions.

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