Multimedia Laptop ASUS N55S Review



Asus released N55S and this particular laptop is really a media laptop numerous customers might such as. This particular media ‘ninja-like’ includes a full HIGH DEFINITION show, Blu-ray author, boom speakers, along with a 2GB Nvidia graphics card with regard to actively playing the most recent video games. Numerous customers enjoy it due to the superb anti-glare full HIGH DEFINITION display, excellent performance, and good speakers. However numerous might be let down through the unusual keyboard and noisy touchpad control keys. As well as the subsequent tend to be a few information about this particular laptop.

When it comes to the general design, the N55S is made of plastic and fairly powerful plastic from which; the hand relaxation hardly flexes whenever pushed lower on. I am significantly appreciative which ASUS utilized anti-glare plastic rather than polished plastic, that is just about all as well typical upon customer notebook computers. Framework bend is actually typical for any customer laptop; absolutely nothing worrying, nevertheless. Fit and complete is actually great; you will find absolutely no unequal spaces in between components or even razor-sharp sides.

When it comes to laptop display, the N55S comes with an superb show when compared with the majority of customer notebook computers. This particular 15. 6-inch model includes a full HIGH DEFINITION quality (1920×1080 pixels) that is suitable provided the laptop features a Blu-ray generate and is made for media. An additional excellent attribute associated with the show is actually it’s anti-glare layer; this really is much more useful than the usual polished layer because you will find absolutely no insights. The 1920×1080 quality is great and the greatest on the 15. 6-inch show. There’s lots of room to make use of 2 home windows side-by-side and a smaller amount scrolling is needed in webpages and programs such as Microsoft Term because much more outlines associated with textual content tend to be readable from the exact same period.

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When it comes to laptop keyboard, the N55S includes a keyboard that’s greatest referred to as “strange”. It’s typically designed; the secrets do not have extra spacing in between all of them because they perform on the ‘Chiclet’ or even island-style keyboard. The crucial area is actually toned having a downward-sloped front and includes a good sleek matte area. Tactile suggestions is actually great if your little bit useless; pretty much it is enjoyable in order to kind. The keyboard is actually adequately peaceful to not disrupt neighbours.

As well as in conditions associated with laptop battery life, the N55S survived 4 several hours and 5 min’s throughout the standard battery lowdown check. This can be a reputable period for any high-performance laptop such as this 1 particularly great deal of thought includes a quad-core processor. The Nvidia Optimus technologies enables the N55S to change in order to the low-power incorporated Intel graphics and change off the high-performance Nvidia GeForce graphics card you should definitely required to preserve power.

Getting just about all the over in to summary, the ASUS N55S is a great worth and value for money. It’s an excellent full HIGH DEFINITION show, apperance, and good quality. The performance is great; this particular laptop is actually a lot more than effective at actively playing the most recent video games. The majority of the negatives with this laptop could be summed upward because might have been much better instead of merely poor.

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