Intel DZ77GA-70K Review – Best Z77 Motherboard For Ivy Bridge Processor

Intel DZ77GA-70K Review - Best Z77 Motherboard For Ivy Bridge Processor

Intel DZ77GA-70K Review – Best Z77 Motherboard For Ivy Bridge Processor

In the event that you are considering top quality motherboard with regard to Ivy Link processor chip there is no additional ideal complement into it compared to Intel DZ77GA-70K. Intel has established this particular panel to complement its created Ivy Link processor chip in order to drive this in order to it’s ideal overall performance. The actual DZ77GA-70K offers a lot to provide through it’s overclocking abilities towards the most advanced technology functions which will match any kind of sophisticated person fanatic.

This particular panel is actually driven through Z77 chipset that is fairly very similar since the prior Z68 nevertheless, a few updates may be designed to completely make use of the 3rd era Primary i3, i5 as well as i7 as Ivy Link processor chip. The actual panel is actually completely suitable for the actual old 2nd era Exotic Link processor chip, in the event that you’ve still got 1 you are able to nevertheless utilize it right here.

Numerous special updates in the brand new Z77 processor chip would be the LucidVirtu MVP which additional enhances the actual movie results in the IGP and also the under the radar GPU with regard to softer images show. One more thing may be the Intel Wise Reaction Technologies. Likewise may be the 4x Very fast HARDWARE 3. 0, moving information never already been this particular quick prior to.

That said, the actual Ivy Link processor chip by itself convey more brand new functions to provide like the HIGH DEFINITION four thousand movie provides a much better show that may complement mid-priced movie credit cards. Should you continuously transforming movie you will certainly adore the actual sophisticated QuickSync high quality which absolutely no movie greeting card may complement, transforming HIGH DEFINITION films can be achieved within just a couple min’s.

Functions As well as Fittings

The actual panel appears excellent within dark colour along with azure within it’s PCIe slot machines as well as heatsinks. The actual head along with the actual Z77 heatsink is actually apparent which hardly states, this can be a “bad bum motherboard”. The actual PROCESSOR outlet is really a little bit packed as a result of big heatsink in the voltage regulator however provides you with the benefit in order to endure warmth whenever overclocked.

You will find 4 DIMM slot machines obtainable in dark as well as azure colour with regard to correct partnering whenever a twin funnel storage settings has been utilized, it’s facilitates as much as 32GB along with optimum rate of recurrence associated with 1600MHz. These types of slot machines tend to be properly spread using the PCIe position which simply leaves a few room whenever a big GPU has been filled.

Talking about PCIe slot machines you will find 2 of these on the actual panel, the very first operates from X16 with regard to solitary as well as facilitates the actual PCIe 3. 0 Gen3 GPU or even X8/X8 whenever bending. These types of slot machines facilitates each SLI as well as CrossFireX systems, this consists of 2 PCIe X1 as well as 2 heritage PCI slot machines.

The actual panel runs on the PLX PEX8606 change nick to support the extra PCI convey gadget, this can instantly changes the actual obtainable PCIe lanes towards the gadget that requires all of them. Thus giving a person the benefit of it’s complete overall performance move pace about the gadget attached to the actual HARDWARE 3. 0, SATA 6GB/s as well as Ethernet plug-ins. Additional motherboards without having this particular function along with a lot of PCIe products need you to by hand disable these devices to attain it’s ideal possible.

It’s an overall total associated with 8 SATA plug-ins on the advantage within correct position placement with regard to fast access as well as does not produce interruptions about the Images greeting card even if each slot machines tend to be filled. You will find 2 FireWire plug-ins obtainable, 1 about the panel trough header and also the additional is actually about the back solar panel.

If you value in order to perform songs or even viewing films, you will certainly appreciate it’s 7. two +2 sound structure that is the same as 8-channel as well as 2 impartial sound loading along with outstanding signal-to-noise percentage which completely removes undesirable transmission sound.

The actual Intel DZ77GA-70K also provide cellular functions for example Wireless bluetooth (two. 1+EDR) with regard to quicker information move with no requirements associated with untidy cable fittings as well as Wi-fi compatability along with IEEE 802. 11b/g/n component via HARDWARE header about the panel with regard to quick entry web connection.

Taking a look at the rear solar panel you can observe nice levels of helpful plug-ins, there is a PS/2 combination connection with regard to computer mouse or even computer keyboard, 4 HARDWARE two. 0 as well as 4 HARDWARE 3. 0 within azure for any complete associated with 8 plug-ins. Additionally, it offers eSATA 6GB/s, 2 Gigabit Ethernet plug-ins, HDMI with regard to movie result, S/PDIF optical result, 5 analog sound plug-ins jack port as well as CMOS obvious switch that is very useful that does not demands you to definitely open up the actual outer shell whenever a totally reset is required.

Much more Overclocking Functions

This particular panel is actually packed with a lot of overclocking options through it’s processor chip, movie as well as storage. You are able to arranged a greater bottom time clock through 100MHz in order to 120MHz along with 1MHz improve; obviously this really is combined using the multiplier to attain a greater rate of recurrence. The actual PROCESSOR primary voltage could be modified through +0, 000V to at least one, 000mV within 1mV improve.

The actual PROCESSOR VTT voltage may also be diverse through 1. 000V to at least one. 2750 within 0. 0250V improve. The actual PROCESSOR PLL voltage is actually an additional choice that may be modified through 1. 000V to at least one. 8750V within 0. 010 raises. The actual Incorporated Images processor chip voltage could be increase through 1. 000V to at least one. 9200V within 0. 0050V improve. Lastly, the actual storage voltage could be arranged through 1. 200V in order to two. 000V within 0. 010 raises.


The actual Intel DZ77GA-70K is a superb range of panel in the event that you are considering an ideal complement for the Intel Ivy Link processor chip which will supply peak overall performance. Function as well as overclocking sensible this particular panel offers a lot to provide when i mentioned over, you have each and every fanatic as well as gamer’s items that will require a person to another degree of your own processing globe.

The cost it provides is actually about the mid-range degree thinking about the high-end motherboard through Intel, now available from $216 that is remarkably less expensive compared to additional contending manufacturer using the exact same functions for example ASUS as well as Gigabyte. If you are considering creating a effective pc rig that does not set you back a lot, the actual Intel DZ77GA-70K happens to be a should!

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