How Do I Easily Connect All of My HDMI Devices?

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You have a top of the line HDTV. You’re one of the happiest consumers in the world. However, you have five or six HDMI devices! Your brand new HDTV only has two inputs. How do you share the greatness of your HDTV with all of these various devices? This problem has a very clear and precise solution – a HDMI switch.

What is a HDMI Switch?

You have a top of the line gaming system, a HD cable input and a BluRay player. You only have one or two inputs on your TV, however. This is when a HDMI switch is required to view each of your devices without having to manually switch the connection. These switches should be purchased at Sewell Direct to ensure that they are delivered on time and are of the utmost quality.

A switch will contain one HDMI input that will plug into the back of your TV. The other end of the switch contains a number of HDMI cables that will plug into your devices. Different models will have different amounts of cables available; some have 2, 3 or 4 cables available for your use. Some models will even include a remote control so that you can effortlessly switch between HDMI sources.

Splitter VS Switch

HDMI splitters and HDMI switches are commonly confused by some consumers. However, they are dramatically different devices that have entirely different purpose. A switch functions as described above, while a splitter has the opposite effect. The splitter will allow one device to be displayed on two separate HDMI displays. There are very few consumers who actually require this piece of equipment, as it is mainly used by professional video engineers.

Purchasing an HDMI switch will entirely eliminate the annoyance of having to manually switch the HDMI source. Instead, you can relax on your couch and simply push a button to switch between sources!

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