Benefits of SIM free iPad

iPad is a great invention from apple Inc. It lets you finish your work quickly and stay ahead of your schedule. Plus you can choose different kinds of useful application from the apps store. It will also keep you entertained. These are few of the reasons why iPad is so popular now days. If you are thinking of buying an iPad, I would advise you to buy a SIM free iPad.

iPad is a great device. It has little something for everyone. Business executives benefit by the portability of iPad. Kids love the motion controlled games which are available on iPad. It is beautifully designed and durable which makes iPad very popular among tech lover. The way I see it, only down side of iPad is its price. Prices for iPad start from $499. Although there are no doubt you get what you pay for, but still, it is quite expensive. Various network service providers offer such devices at a subsidized price if you sign an 18 to 24 months long contract with them. If you are thinking of making such contacts with any of the network service providers just to get iPad at a cheaper price, think again. You might be making a big mistake.

When you buy new phone or tablet pc on contracts, it might seem to you that you are getting it for a cheaper price. This is not true. Your service provider will take rest of the money from you as monthly line rent or call charge. If you make a comparison, you find out that you are paying more than the “pay as you go” users, per month. Since you can not immediately cancel your 18 of 24 month long contract, you end up paying a lot of money to your network service provider.

SIM free iPads has no such drawbacks. You are not bound by any rules. You are free to change your service provider anytime you want. If something better than iPad is made available in the market, you could stop using your iPad anytime you want and switch to that device. Now you must be thinking, “Why would I ever want to ditch my iPad?” did you know that iPad2 was released in March 2011, just after 11 months after its predecessor? Furthermore it is speculated that iPad3 might released sometime around April 2012. So just around a year you can get yourself a faster, better tablet PC, in this case its iPad. If you have a contract attached to your iPad, you would never be allowed to change to a better device.

If you happen to be a frequent traveler, you cannot but do without a SIM free iPad. If you don’t have a SIM free iPad, that is, if you are bound by a contract, than you cannot change your network service provider while you travel. That means you cannot always use the full potential of your iPad when you need it. It may be because your network service provider cannot render you their service at the place you are currently at. Even if they can render you the services you require, you will be charged extra. You will be burdened by roaming charges.

SIM free iPad does not have such limitations. Once you go abroad or visit another state for business, you have the freedom to pick from the available data plan at the place you are currently staying at. This feature is very useful as you will not find hot spots everywhere you go and when you need to access the web for some purpose, you need not to always bother about the cost associate with your internet usage. I therefore recommend buying SIM free iPad as it is the most economical and logical choice.

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