Bandwidth and internet

For your event you’ll need both internet and bandwidth service providers. While bandwidth is often overlooked, it is essential to the way a network operates, and no matter how advanced your internet technology is, it won’t be able to function properly unless it also has access to adequate bandwidth.

Trade Show Internet provides both event WiFi rental and bandwidth services for your event. Their internet service consists largely of the CONNECT service, which includes the Xirrus premier system for event WiFi. The unique 360 degree design provides a robust signal to a wide area, indoors or out.

They also include the engineering expertise to ensure the Xirrus system is installed properly, and the Network Operations Center. This is located on-site and will provide real time monitoring of your network, so they can respond quickly.

They also have bandwidth solutions. These can easily be scaled, and for events they have fiber optic network solutions for thousands of simultaneous users.

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