ASUS M5A97 Review – Best Value AM3+ Motherboard

ASUS M5A97 Review - Best Value AM3+ Motherboard

ASUS M5A97 Review – Best Value AM3+ Motherboard

Fanatic who is searching for top worth AM3+ motherboard which facilitates the most recent Octa Primary processor chip through AMD, there is no additional much better than the actual ASUS M5A97. This particular panel facilitates an array of PROCESSOR through Sempron, Athlon II, Phenom II and also the most recent FOREX sequence processors.

The actual panel is made underneath the nine hundred sequence chipset system that’s completely suitable for the most recent Zambezi processor chip as well as be assured it’ll set you back it’s complete possible. The actual 970X nick showcased with this panel is nearly similar in order to 990X as well as 990FX. These people just vary within the amount of lanes supplied for that images, even though 970X offers less exactly the same abilities should be expected.

An additional special variations may be the restriction from the SLI settings, consequently, NVidia customers is going to be unfortunate with this situation. Nevertheless, if you are not really in to multiple GPU programs this really is very good for you personally. The explanation for this really is in order to reduce it’s price and provide this towards the public in a really low cost.

Do not misunderstand me about this, inexpensive does not imply that the actual panel is actually garbage. For that cost it provides you are able to nevertheless perform a lot of overclocking things using the M5A97 in order to drive this additional. Additional nick include may be the well-known SB950 about the Southbridge, that one protects the actual user interface fittings.

The actual nick offers 6 SATA 6GB/s with regard to optimum information move pace along with grey colour within up and down placement. The actual 3GB/s is actually phasing away right here not a way with regard to sluggish information move, nevertheless, you are able to nevertheless utilize it with regard to reduced hard disks because of its complete compatibility however, you might encounter a few slowness from a few example.

The actual appears as well as fittings

The actual panel appears great within it’s conventional colour within dark brown as well as azure mixture that is fairly very similar since the M5A97 Evo however vary within the amounts of back again I/O solar panel fittings. The actual PROCESSOR outlet simply leaves sufficient room to have an oversize heatsink just in case you are planning to have an OC.

You will find 4 DIMM slot machines tend to be properly colour coded within dark as well as azure with regard to correct partnering within twin funnel designs, this facilitates as much as 32GB associated with storage component along with optimum pace associated with 2133MHz. They’re in a position that does not produce any kind of distraction whenever a bigger GPU had been filled the actual image interface.


Typically the most popular options that come with just about all ASUS motherboard may be the UEFI BIOS, it is excellent to possess this actually in a discount cost. Within the BIOS there is a good EZ setting which shows most often utilized guidelines within CMOS configurations as well as the second reason is the actual progress setting with regard to skilled person to obtain more from it through tweaking. The actual UEFI BIOS additionally facilitates hard disks a lot more than two. 2TB capability.

Including the user-friendly software program as Ing Collection II with regard to simple overclocking, this really is for that DIGI+VRM, EPU, TurboV as well as enthusiast pace. The twin smart processor chip EPU as well as TPU provides you with energy effective therefore making the most of it’s overall performance while using the much less energy. The actual MemOK! perform would be to allow as well the actual motherboard actually when there is the storage compatibility problems.


When i point out prior to, the actual ASUS M5A97 is nearly similar in order to M5A97 Evo these people vary just within the amount of plug-ins which 1 possess lower to help reduce the price. The actual Evo shock all of us using its near to 1GHz OC pace obtain through 3. 6GHz in order to four. 515GHz. Nevertheless, exactly the same precise overclocking capacity had been anticipated with this panel because of its packed OC functions like the 4+2 energy stage.

The actual panel consists of strong style once we usually assume through just about all Asus panel however the cost it provides is actually at any time reduced, now available from $94, this really is great news to any or all worth focused fanatics. If you are not really in to multiple GPU settings and do not require a few additional plug-ins this particular is the greatest value for your money.

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