Alvaro Planchart And MAYA: A Deadly Combination

Born in Maracaibo which is located in Venezuela Alvaro Planchart developed a tremendous interest in animation and the technology that was related to it. Animation basically adds life to a drawing in 3D. The whole thing is very technical and is not everyone’s cup of tea. A person has to have the right qualifications and substantial experience for flawless implementation. Alvaro Planchart played a very important role in the development team for MAYA. MAYA is widely used animation software.

A lot of people may not know the name MAYA but have often seen the wonderful results that it can produce. Movies like Monsters Inc and Toy story, this software is also used in other popular movies of the current era. He was the first person of Latin American origin to participate in the development of MAYA. Ever since he was selected to a part of the MAYA development team he has received a lot of recognition since then.

Alvaro Planchart also shares his experiences by participating in various conferences all over the world; students who are pursuing education in animation attend his conferences for knowledge and inspiration. However he did not limit himself to just conferences he took it one step further by starting training centre in Venezuela. He is also dabbling with idea for a full length animated film.

He considered being a person with great leadership qualities; he controls all of his projects very well. He is said to have a lot of patience and takes a lot of time before taking any action. He seems to posses the exact knowledge of what he should do in order to achieve specific results. Alvaro has been given a lot of credit for his outstanding contribution in developing MAYA.

Alvaro is a complete workaholic and is currently involved with numerous projects so he stays completely occupied most of the times. He has a habit of sharing his knowledge through workshops and numerous seminars all over the world. He also takes time out from his busy schedule to visit many animation institutes as guest lecturer. He is respected within the animation industry and people often consult him for advice on various projects. People consider him to be a pioneer in developing animation in 3D. Many animation houses seek his valuable advice before they undertake any project. Aspiring animators consider Alvaro Planchart to be an inspiration and mould themselves in his likes.

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