A Thin Line between Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

John Bohan is one of the veterans in Internet advertising with a very solid reputation. The successful businessman has begun his career when a few people actually thought that Internet would become so popular. No one ever thought that it would end up as the main domain for marketing and advertising. The young entrepreneur managed to spot an opportunity back then. Today, he is a front runner in this domain. He began his career with a degree in economics, but also with L90, an advertising company he founded in 1996. By 2000, the respective firm was valued at over $600 million. Besides, it had more than 200 employees spread around 8 offices. Over the years, he established more similar businesses, only to end up with SocialTyze, which he currently owns and manages.

From many points of view, Mr. John Bohan is a modern role model and an opportunist. He managed to prove that he can identify the trends and actually succeed. However, it is said that someone’s entrepreneurship skills are given by their financial revenue in the particular domain they chose. A few tricks, some opportunities and a little luck will most likely underline a successful transaction. Many entrepreneurs forget where they left from, but also their initial social condition. Many others choose to help the needy ones and end up developing a philanthropic side as well. Whether it comes to mentoring less fortunate individuals, holding courses or donating to specific organizations, any of these actions are widely appreciated.

Aside from his entrepreneurship side, Mr. Bohan has also helped a lot of charities in an attempt to establish a connection between his business, success and social feelings. The Surfrider Foundation was one of the first organizations Mr. Bohan has helped. The nonprofit foundation deals with environmental advocacy, in an attempt to protect beaches and oceans. It was established in 1984 by a few Californian surfers. Today, it can brag with more than 50,000 members and supporters.

Boys & Girls Harbor also managed to get some attention from John Bohan, mostly because of the rewarding activities involving less fortunate or educated families. People learn to enhance themselves through culture and education since 1937. The same goes for the Joy of Sports Foundation. The organization helps kids with health problems grow in a healthy manner and learn how to evolve, regardless of their issues. They grow up with physical activities, sports and a healthy education. Finally, the American Red Cross does not need too many presentations.

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